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Monday, July 21, 2014

Free Time

Thought I would take a minute and show you what I do in my free time. I was turned onto this by a friend and started doing it and have found such satisfaction and comfort in them.  They are called Prayer Shawls and are any color and stitch combination.  We make the shawls, then the Prayer team at church prays over them and passes them out to any one who is in need. Need can be anything from diagnosis of disease  to a death in the family. My last group of them went to the nursing home.  Where 5 lovely people were comforted. ( I have done this for several years and will always accept donated yarn. It takes about 12 oz per shawl.)  In the  photo are the latest recipients. I removed the names.        You can read about it HERE                                



CWMartin said...

No waste of time there...

Bob G. said...

Totally agree w/ Chris on this one...
Doing good for others helps oneself to no small end.

Good for you (and for those blessed).

Stay safe down there.