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Monday, February 23, 2015

Vaccines Yay or Nay?

I am very interested in this topic even though my children are grown and gone from home.  Two with children of their own.  I vaccinated my boys and they vaccinated their children. We  chose to vaccinate our children and was very aware of the side effects and the benefits.
More true facts are needed about this topic, and by those who are educated and studied in the field, not some Hollywood type who had an autistic child and need to place blame.  And She blamed childhood immunizations.  With no training and no medical background she blamed being immunized for her sons condition.  Not one piece of evidence.
“Not everything you read on the internet is true.” It is so important to educate yourself but primarily I like to deal in facts. The problem is, both sides throw around the word “fact” like they own it.
So You NOT vaccinating your child does in fact put an immune compromised child at risk. That is a fact that can’t be disputed.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if no child ever got sick?
On the other hand we don’t want the government telling us what we must do to/for our children.  This is a real Catch 22.
Too bad you can’t legislate common sense.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Murphy Fritz

Laura Dell Murphy, daughter of William J. and Sephronia (Baker) Murphy was born July 1, 1862 in Hardin Co. Ohio. She married April 11, 1880 in Pulaski Co. Indiana, Charles J. Fritz, born January 13,1858 in Darke Co, Ohio. ( Charles was born to John George (b.March 23, 1823) in Stuttart, Wurttenburg Germany John George died November 30,1876 and Mary Graul Fritz born in Germany. )
Charles bought a farm in Jefferson township, Pulaski co Indiana in the late 1890’s, and moved his family there. He suffered from a bad heart for which he took “heart drops” and whiskey. Thinking different air would might help his condition, he packed up his family in 1899 and with several other Jefferson township families went homesteading near Carrington, North Dakota. The first year there the family lived in a sod house, made from tough buffalo grass which they cut in chunks and stacked. The Fritz’s struggled with their first crops it seemed the rains all went south. The family moved further south and raised four years of good crops. They grew flax, wheat, rye and oats. The homesteaders found North Dakota to be a wild country,where they lived among prairie dogs, six inch long grasshoppers and coyotes, in addition to a hostile climate.  The children went to school in the summer because the winters were too harsh. Their dogs accompanied them to school the keep the wolves away. It was while living in North Dakota that four year old Eugene fell into a well and drowned. In 1904  Charles and his family decided they could endure the hardships and bad tasting water no longer, so they packed up and moved back to Jefferson township,  Turn of the century life in Jefferson township must have done no further harm to Charles’ health as he lived to a month shy of his 77th birthday, dying December 8,1934, and Laura died April 16, 1942. Both died in Pulaski county Indiana. They are buried in the Koster Cemetery in Pulaski county.  Charles and Laura had moved one last time to a home in Winamac, Indiana, where they marked their golden wedding anniversary  in 1930 with a large celebration of family and friends.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Two Families Wiped out when Ford Automobile is hit by Pennsylvania Flyer June 19, 1922.

Five persons met instant death yesterday afternoon at 12:10 o’clock in Royal Center, when the Pennsylvania Flyer in the charge of Engineer Charles Helvie and Conductor M. Radlee of this city, hit a Ford automobile.  Every occupant of the car was killed, four were dead when members of the train crew reached them. The fifth died on the way to the morgue.
The dead are : Edward Carson,68, retired farmer. Onward In
Mrs.Delilah Carson, 72, wife of Edward. Onward
Jesse Carson, 33, son, basket maker, Peru.
Mrs. Nora Carson 38, wife of Jesse Carson. Peru
Harry Dempsey, 14, adopted son of the younger Carson's, Peru.
Jesse Carson and family, left Peru early yesterday morning, drove to Onward where they were joined by Mr. and Mrs. Edward Carson, Jesse’s father and mother. And together the party went to Royal Center where they spent the morning visiting in the home of Artie Day.  They had just left the Day home when the tragedy occurred. L. R. Day who was near the crossing when the accident occurred told the engineer Helvie that Mr. Jesse Carson was driving and had stopped the automobile just before the crossing. Mr. Day stated that the alarm was ringing and he could hear the roar of the flyer. For some reason Jesse started back up and was in the center of the crossing when the flyer struck the automobile.   Four of the occupants were buried in the right of way and elder Mr. Carson was caught in the automobile in between it and the train. And carried for nearly a half mile before the train was brought to a stop.  The train had to back up before the mangled body of Edward could be taken from the mangle.
What possessed young Carson to cross the tracks will never be known. It is one assumption that he did not know the train was so near. The view of the tracks was obscured by the depot and he may have thought the train had stopped.
The train is a Limited and does not stop at Royal Center. It was going about 60 mph.
The remains of the victims were taken to the Douglas morgue in Royal Center, where they were prepared for burial.
Edward Carson was the most terribly mangled, death was due to fracture of the skull.
Mrs. Edward Carson died of abdominal injuries.
Jesse Carson a Fractured skull.
Mrs. Jesse Carson a broken neck
Harry Dempsey a broken neck.
The impact of the collision was heard for blocks.
Coroner M.B. Stewart was notified of the catastrophe by members of the train crew.He went to Royal center when he interviewed witnesses to the crash, including L.R. Day, Roe Day, Anderson Million, David Besity, and Giranna Sisler.  All gave about the same story relative to the fatality.
The aged couple victims of the rail tragedy are survived by two daughters, Mrs. A. F. Clancy and Mrs. R. C. Uskefer and  sons, Charles Carson all of Logansport.  David Carson of Onward, Arthur Carson of South Bend, Jefferson Carson an officer in the United States Army stationed in the Hawaiian Islands
The remains of the five victims were brought to the undertaking establishment of Kroeger & Phofl this city , today.
The funeral for the five victims will be held tomorrow at 3o’clock, at the undertaking establishment on Broadway. It will be conducted by Rev. E. Richard Edwards of the Ninth street Christian Church. Interment will be in Hope Cemetery.

One of the more sobering and gruesome entries in the book.. Most copied word for ward from the Logansport Morning Press.
There were some things in there that I just could not put in .. way to vivid and personal. I can’t believe they published such information.  No HIPPA at that time. It also mentions that over 1800 people viewed the bodies at the Morgue and all 5 will be buried in the same lot.
(Mrs. Jesse Carson was a Dempsey thus a relative of mine.)
This entry caught my eye just for the immense sadness of it. 

Friday, January 30, 2015

You know my name, not my story.

I have gotten away from blogging the last few months. My mother died, my grandson was in a horrific motorcycle accident and to be honest I was just not fit company. But now I seem to be coming out of my adjustment period and feel I will have a do over.
My mother lived to be 94 and up to within the last few days of her life she lived alone and was able to take care of all her own needs.  My brother, did all her errands and did such a good job of taking her to her doctor appointments etc.
For years my mom talked about the “Murphy Book”  I paid little to no attention to any of it. I knew it was a family tree and was for her mother’s side of the family. I had kids to raise, a life to live, and a business to run. And I  took no notice or never even looked at this book.  
After her death my brother came over and brought me a hideous Lobster dish that mom prized, some old oil lamps, a photo album and “The Murphy Book’.
I sort of tossed it aside and went on about life.  Then one day I picked it up and started looking thru it. OMG I was hooked.  A lady had taken many many hours of her life and compiled a most interesting book of the life  of our family.  It goes back to the mid 1700’s and was published in 1990.  Ancestors along with tiny bits of their life gleaned from census records, newspaper clippings etc.
The book itself is about 4 inches thick it is full of copies of marriage licenses, death certificates, military records, and so much more. How I wish I had paid more attention to it while mom was still around she could probably add some good stories. 
My family was a group of immigrants from Germany, Ireland and Gr Britain.  All dirt poor and all hard workers.
Most had many many children most of whom died in infancy.
Since it ended when it was published in 1990 I decided to bring it up to date. Starting with my family, I had marriages to add, and  Children who were born and a few deaths.
I mentioned this to my family and 2 of my grandkids were very interested in it.
My grandson Aaron, who looked thru it for the longest time and wants to help chart the new information.  And Katie my oldest granddaughter.. who has been here twice and helped me dig thru all the info both in my head and on the internet that we have managed to come up with.
I also have contacted members of my first ex husbands family for information on my boys family tree.  My ex mother in law was a wonderful woman from a wonderful family and I have kept in touch with 2 of her sisters thru the years. They are all sending me what information they have about their families.
Then I called my ex husband and the call went well. first we had spoken in probably 20 years. That call went extremely well and it makes me so happy to know we can have a conversation again.  He sent me information of my youngest sons brothers and sisters and their children. Along with phone numbers for his brothers. I have talked with both of them and have included them in his tree.
So as you can see this has almost grown out of control  2 divorces mean 2 separate yet connected families. I am so excited to do this and to have this information for my children, grandchildren and future great grand children.
From time to time I will be boring you with stories of my family.  Like the one about my great, great, great, great great grandfather Dempsey joined the army to fight for the Union in the Civil War.  We even found where he was when he was discharged and why he was discharged, his pension, and when he died his wife's pension. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015