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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Old and crabby

It must be my age.  I love facebook and I find things are starting to irritate me. A LOT.  With the basketball games on there is a lot of trash talk, up to and including calling some of the cheerleaders ugly.  This irritates me. Really now shouldn't we lift each other up and not be so nasty?   If I am totally honest I must also confess that basketball also annoys me.
Those of you who know me know that I am very conservative.  However, I do not see the point in calling our President names and making fun of him.  He is after all your President too.  Show that you have a lack of respect for the office.  I will not even start with the photos and jokes.  Some are funny and I will admit to cracking a smile a time or two. I have even passed along a few. But most are downright vulgar and just flat nasty. I watched as they complained that Obama blamed Bush for everything.  Do they not see They're doing the same??? Gas prices are up .. Obama's fault,  groceries are expensive.. Obama's fault,  it is snowing.. Obama's fault,  You get my point..
Then there are the photographers, OMG give them a digital camera and they are  professionals. Some I see are really good but there is always that one, you know what I mean,  The one that is awful, with shadows on the faces of the adorable children, the clutter in the background and wonky angles.  Not artsy fartsy just bad really really bad.  Not sure if I have legitimate complaints or if I am just old and cranky.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


 Everyone is tired of the snow.
 My daddy got my car out of storage and I drove it home. That is my mommy and dog Aggie.  Daddy took the picture.  I need practice.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Monday, February 23, 2015

Vaccines Yay or Nay?

I am very interested in this topic even though my children are grown and gone from home.  Two with children of their own.  I vaccinated my boys and they vaccinated their children. We  chose to vaccinate our children and was very aware of the side effects and the benefits.
More true facts are needed about this topic, and by those who are educated and studied in the field, not some Hollywood type who had an autistic child and need to place blame.  And She blamed childhood immunizations.  With no training and no medical background she blamed being immunized for her sons condition.  Not one piece of evidence.
“Not everything you read on the internet is true.” It is so important to educate yourself but primarily I like to deal in facts. The problem is, both sides throw around the word “fact” like they own it.
So You NOT vaccinating your child does in fact put an immune compromised child at risk. That is a fact that can’t be disputed.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if no child ever got sick?
On the other hand we don’t want the government telling us what we must do to/for our children.  This is a real Catch 22.
Too bad you can’t legislate common sense.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Murphy Fritz

Laura Dell Murphy, daughter of William J. and Sephronia (Baker) Murphy was born July 1, 1862 in Hardin Co. Ohio. She married April 11, 1880 in Pulaski Co. Indiana, Charles J. Fritz, born January 13,1858 in Darke Co, Ohio. ( Charles was born to John George (b.March 23, 1823) in Stuttart, Wurttenburg Germany John George died November 30,1876 and Mary Graul Fritz born in Germany. )
Charles bought a farm in Jefferson township, Pulaski co Indiana in the late 1890’s, and moved his family there. He suffered from a bad heart for which he took “heart drops” and whiskey. Thinking different air would might help his condition, he packed up his family in 1899 and with several other Jefferson township families went homesteading near Carrington, North Dakota. The first year there the family lived in a sod house, made from tough buffalo grass which they cut in chunks and stacked. The Fritz’s struggled with their first crops it seemed the rains all went south. The family moved further south and raised four years of good crops. They grew flax, wheat, rye and oats. The homesteaders found North Dakota to be a wild country,where they lived among prairie dogs, six inch long grasshoppers and coyotes, in addition to a hostile climate.  The children went to school in the summer because the winters were too harsh. Their dogs accompanied them to school the keep the wolves away. It was while living in North Dakota that four year old Eugene fell into a well and drowned. In 1904  Charles and his family decided they could endure the hardships and bad tasting water no longer, so they packed up and moved back to Jefferson township,  Turn of the century life in Jefferson township must have done no further harm to Charles’ health as he lived to a month shy of his 77th birthday, dying December 8,1934, and Laura died April 16, 1942. Both died in Pulaski county Indiana. They are buried in the Koster Cemetery in Pulaski county.  Charles and Laura had moved one last time to a home in Winamac, Indiana, where they marked their golden wedding anniversary  in 1930 with a large celebration of family and friends.